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Football Equipment

Wearing the proper equipment during practices, games and competitions is important to keep all of our players safe. There are several pieces of equipment that are provided by the league, several that you must purchase for your child before the first practice, and several that are optional.

X = Provided, R = Required Purchase, O = Optional Purchase


Flag Tackle Recommended
Home Jersey (Dark) X X  
Away Jersey (Light) X X  
Practice Jersey   R Consult your team coach
Helmet X* X  
Shoulder Pads   X  
Cleats O R Low or mid-height based on your child's preference, non-turf (we will play in muddy fields)
Padded Shirt O O Padded shirts add great protection from flag up to varsity levels
Rib Guard   X / O Some advanced tackle players may want to purchase their own rib and back protectors
Game Pants X X  
Practice Pants X / O X / O Some players may want practice pants with sewed-in pads for comfort and cleaning ease
Knee Pads X X  
Thigh Pads   X  
Girdle (Hip/Tail Pads)   X / O Although the Raiders provide girdles to tackle players, many players purchase their own
Belts 2X 2X  
Jock Strap & Cup R (boys) R (boys)  
Mouth Guard R R  
Socks R R  
Gloves O O  

* Flag uses light-weight, soft-shell, contoured helmets

A portion of your registration fees support the purchase, storage, repair and cleaning of the provided equipment such as helmets and shoulder pads.

In mid-June, there will be a weekday and a weekend day when you and your child(ren) can come pick-up your equipment for the upcoming season.  This is a great opportunity to ensure that helmets, shoulder pad, and pants will fit, before practice begins.

All registration balances must be paid in full before equipment will be distributed.  We will verify your account balance and will accept payment at equipment pick-up.

After the season ends for all of our teams, there will be several equipment return nights.  Please clean all the equipment prior to return, and alert us to any items that might need repair during the off-season.

Tackle helmet

Flag helmet