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Cheer Council

What is Cheer Council?

We currently coach kindergarten through 8th grade competitive cheerleading.  Our goal is to teach and build all the advanced skills necessary to be successful in high school cheerleading.  We are proud to say that 100% of the last 8th grade squad made their high school team.

K-2nd grade - 3 IRCA qualifying competitions

3rd-8th grade - 4 IRCA qualifying competitions

For questions or concerns, please contact:

What Registration Fees Include

  • Rental facility
  • Practice t-shirt
  • Cheer bow (2)
  • Cheer shoes
  • All competition fees

Every even year, a new uniform from Varsity athletics is designed for the cheer organization.  The uniform, bow and cheer shoes are the girls' to keep at the end of the season.  Uniform rental fees are not incurred.

Cheerleading practice follows a different schedule than football.  The cheer season officially begins mid-July and runs through the first full weekend of December.  The practice schedule is at the discretion and availability of the coaches.

In addition to performing at local competitions, Raiders cheerleaders are proud to support the boys on the field and cheer at regular season football games, playoff games, the superbowl.

2020 Schedule Preview

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Weekly Coach Spotlight

Hi! I am coach Zoey! The Bartlett Raiders has been apart of my life for the last decade starting when I was just 10 years old. I cheered for the Raiders from 5th through 8th grade! Since I could no longer cheer for the Raiders in high school I decided to become a junior coach instead. I coached all 4 years of high school. After high school I couldn’t part with my girls so I found a way to balance college, work and being an assistant coach to see them through their last 3 years. During that time my little sister was able to start cheer so the last two years I coached two teams! I have now coached for 7 years total and after this upcoming year I will have coached every grade at least once! Cheer has developed into a passion of mine and I love being able to choreograph a routine from start to finish and use my cheer knowledge to build off of old skills and teach new ones. Every team I’ve coached for has always gone to state, often placing in the top three in the entire state of IL, and last year my 8th graders won 1st place! However, as fun as winning is, that has not been the greatest success or joy of being a coach for me. My favorite part of coaching has always been the fun bonding events we do together, and seeing the joy on their faces at practice when a new skill is achieved. I love seeing the girls push themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of and be proud of themselves after each year! I cannot wait to see what this upcoming season has in store for us! *\o/*


Coach Zoey